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El Limon Taqueria was established in 2010 by two business partners that had worked together preparing authentic Mexican cuisine for over 10 years. With hard work and dedication, we have decided to come together and form a partnership to open a the best Mexican restaurant in the area. One of the main reasons we created EL Limon is to give customers a real and new experience in Mexican cuisine at a fair price.

El Limon’s name comes from Buena Vista, Michuacan. This is where three of the four business partners came from. Buena Vista is a city known for the production and cutting of limes throughout the world. The other integral person in this partnership is from San Jose, Costa Rica.

Our vision was to offer fresh food at a low price. El Limon is a Taqueria which means faster service than a restaurant but its still not considered fast food. Our taquerias are not fancy per say, but we have try to bring the best tasting food from Mexico and our customers keep coming back. Thanks to our loyal customers we have opened more Taquerias in the Philadelphia area. We have always listened to different opinions from our customers and to make their experiences even more enjoyable. We personally want to thank all our customers for their support and business and we truly appreciate all of the positive reviews you all have put online about our Taqueria. Our customer’s are what makes us better. Thank You!